Background of The Kolossus of Kansas

A bit of a long, strange trip but very educational and satisfying. It started with a sketch from a figure drawing workshop that I took recently at the Artist's Colony in Corona. It was facilitated by Chick Curtis and allowed me to draw from live models. (Thanks Chick!) I like to find uses for the sketches that I feel good about. This one felt rather monumental (think Statue of Liberty). I decided to make it a tribute to my home state of Kansas. I chose some iconic Kansas imagery from the "Wizard of Oz". I replaced Toto with my dog, Jackson just because I like to stick him in my paintings whenever possible. I gathered further inspiration from the exhibit of Greek bronze statues at the Getty Museum and by reading about the Colossus of Rhodes. The whole piece was done in black and white acrylics to establish composition and tones. I then painted over everything with oils. Mr. Curtis provided excellent critiques and suggestions along the way. The finished piece is 24" wide by 36" tall. It resides in my attic until the right opportunity comes along to display it.